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Ira's Woodworking Projects

My Viking Garden Shed - Fall 2014

Tore down my old shed, moved and rebuilt it with a new design!

The front of the shed was inspired by the Golden Hall of Eudora from the Lord of the Rings (which of course, was inspired by Nordic Viking desgins and carvings). The top culopa was inspired by Norwegian Stave Churches. The south side was inspired by the panel carvings dating to abt 1130 AD found on the Urnes Stave Church, Lustrafjord, Norway - which was built by one of my ancestors Gaut Aalesson of Urnes.

[Rockwork foundation added March/April 2015.]

Cupola inspiration from Norwegian Stave Church

Front of Shed inspiration from Golden Hall of Eudora, Lord of the Rings, Which of course, was inspired by Viking Halls & Nordic designs

Side wall design inspired by Urnes Stave Church wall carvings

Building my Viking Shed (Warning: Sound does not start until end of title.)

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