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Blog: My Ancestry throughout History

In August 2016 I started a new blog concerning genealogy and history.

Check it out at

If you would like to have new blog posts emailed to you as they are posted, email me a note with your email address and I will add you.

Norway, Medieval Scandinavia and Ancient Genealogy

An online lineage-linked database of over 55,000 individuals from Rogaland and Vest-Agder Counties, Norway.

Several of these lines connect with the Scandinavian and European nobility and royalty of the Middle-Ages, some of which claim ancestry all the way back to Mythological and Biblical times.

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We are likely related!

Lund Family Genealogy

Ira J. Lund now provides on this website the genealogy from his fathers side, from Denmark, England and Wales.

Click here to go to the Lund Family Genealogy web page

Promoted Books

Niall and the Stone of Destiny, by Lance O'Niell

A while back I wrote a blog about the large number of males descended from Niall Mor of the Nine Hostages confirmed via Y-DNA testing. I just met a man who can trace his paternal descent genealogically from Niall and has also had this confirmed via a Y-DNA test. Lance O'Niell's first book is a beautiful fully-illustrated children's books about this legendary Celtic High King, Niall of the Nine Hostages called Niall and the Stone of Destiny. Click on the link at the left to read more and purchase this wonderful book which is receiving high ratings on Amazon.

Click here to read my blog post titled DNA Tests Solve Historical Questions

The Runic Trilogy and Treespeak, by Wren

Many people are familiar with the fact that the Vikings used Runes in writing, often assoociated with magic pagan rituals. But fewer people realize that the Irish also had an old writing alphabet called the Ogham script. Jeweler and author Wren has written the first two books of a series of fictional stories that incorporate these two alphabets. The first is called The Runic Trilogy: Being a Journey through the Elder Futhark and the second Treespeak or The Druid's Curse: Being a journey through the Celtic Tree Alphabet. Click on the link at the left to read more and purchase these books. They are available in both printed and ebook editions. Both books are recieving high ratings on Amazon

Wren also sells Nature Themed jewlery, including some with interesting Rune or Magic themes. Visit her site at

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10 Oct 2017: CFT 4.07 Bug Fix release. Click here to go to download area.

3 Oct 2016: Support Group/Mailing List Changed. Click here for new instructions on the new CFT-WIN Google Group.

25 Aug 2016: Started a new Genealogy and History Blog.

9 Jun 2016: CFT 4.06 Bug Fix release. Click here to go to download area.

19 May 2016: Opened a new ETSY Shop to sell some woodwork projects. Click on the "Woodwork" button at top to see my projects and also a link to my Etsy shop.

16 Apr 2016: Made some changes to the "Woodwork" pages and added more projects completed last year. Click on the "Woodwork" button at top to see the new pages.

10 Apr 2016: CFT 4.05 Bug Fix release. Click here to go to download area.

02 Jan 2015: CFT 4.04 Bug Fix release. Click here to go to download area.

23 Dec 2014: Universal Calendar Calculator (UCC) 1.55 released. Small bug fixed. Click here to go to download area.

19 Nov 2014: My Viking Garden Shed. Photos and Videos here.

14 Jun 2014: Catching a Swarm of Bees.Click here to go to my beekeeping page.

03 Jun 2013: CFT 4.03 Bug Fix release.

03 Jun 2013: CFT & UCC Clarion code now available for other programmers. Click here to go to download area - code files are at bottom of list.

28 Jan 2013: My Wood Working Projects. Just for the fun-of-it some photos of my Chip Carvings and Scroll Saw projects (added to from time to time).

24 Nov 2012: CFT 4.02 Bug Fix release.

16 Jul 2012: CFT 4.01 Bug Fix release.

28 Apr 2012: "My Ancestry: From History to DNA to Evolution", by Ira J. Lund. Click here to view the PDF.

22 Apr 2012: Release CFT New Version 4.00 Click here for a list of the major changes since Ver 3

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